Gental waxing services

Hair is removed from neck to toes service, includes: full back, shoulders, chest, abdomen, full arm, full leg, hands, feet, toes, fingers, glutes, glutes in between and Brazilian.
EYELASH WAX: Eyelash brow shaping to compliment your face shape and features.
LIP: Hair from above upper and/or below lower lip is removed.
CHIN: Hair on the chin and beneath the chin is removed.
UNDERARM: Hair is removed under each underarm.
FULL ARM: Hair is removed from the front and back of arms, starting from top of shoulders to the top of the fingers.
HALF LEG: Hair is removed from front and back of lower legs, starting from the top of the toes and stopping right above the knee.
FULL LEG: Hair is removed from front and back of legs, starting at the beginning of the pelvic crease to the top of the toes. (does not include bikini area)
BIKINI BRAZILIAN WAX: We remove all the hair from the front of the pelvic area, as well as the sides of the labia, the labia, and in between the glutes. The client has the option to go completely bare or to leave some hair, how much or how little is up to you. Between the glutes is included however you may opt to forgo this part of the service.